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              How to Immigrate to the UK?


Long term work visas


  1. Skilled worker visa

  2. Intra-company visas (T2)

  3. Sportsperson visa (T2)


Short term Work Visas

  1. Charity worker visa (T5)

  2. Creative and sporting visa (T5)

  3. International Agreement worker visa (T5)

Investor, Business development, and talent visas


  1. Innovator visa

  2. Startup visa

  3. Global talent visa

  4. Entrepreneur visa (Tier 1)

  5. The investor visa (Tier 1)

  6. The sole representative of an overseas Business visa


Sponsor and sponsorship visa

  1. Uk visa sponsorship for employees

  2. Uk visa sponsorship management system


Spouse or parent visas

  1. Spouse visa

  2. Get to the UK to get married

  3. Visit parents visa

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