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Sweden is always one of the top destinations for international students throughout the globe. The degrees offered by the universities in Sweden are equivalent to some of the best universities in the World.

Same as the other European countries, Sweden also follows the Bologna system of Education. This makes sure proper standards of education and their assured quality. This sophisticated way of education system makes Swedish University degrees competitive to Universities all over Europe and on the International stage as well.

Swedish Language Requirements:

  • Although Swedish is not mandatory to enroll in any course, it is always beneficial to communicate with the local community and to learn and understand the local culture. 

  • If the Course chosen is about to be pursued in English, then you must prove your English Proficiency by passing any of the following tests: 

    • IELTS

    • PTE

    • TOEFL or Cambridge Advanced.

Student Accommodation and living costs:

The accommodation costs vary for different cities and staying in a small city is always a better option than residing in bigger cities. These costs will approximately be 750 Euros including rent.

Popular courses in Sweden

  • Agriculture

  • Fine Arts

  • Industrial Design

  • International Relations

  • Environmental Science

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